CinProCaS­® is a Hollywood film’s planning application produced by Cinematography Production Cards System®

“Time is money!” Significantly reduce your film production costs! Design your film accurately and plan your daily breakdowns! Work with the CinProCaS® application!

Design your film and create a CinProCaS® book for your shooting. Work accurately. Enter all the data and information to make filming faster and easier.

It’s easier to shoot when everyone can visually see what the settings are, what needs to be added and what’s being filmed.

When the film is done, put the CinProCaS® book next to the film on your bookshelf and the full planned documentation of the film, which is the film book, will be retained.

“It’s so good that I’m wondering how come no one else

has thought about it”

Vilmos Zsigmond (Academy Award-Winning Cinematographer) said it in 2011 about the idea of CinProCaS and FilmProCaS, then added: “I will give all the help to make it come true.”

Download it for free and try the demo version:

So, CinProCaS® is not only a Movie Designer Application that runs on all Android 5.0 +, iOS 8.0+, macOS and Windows 10, but it is also a complete documentation for your movie,which is a great value if you make your CinProCaS® book.

We welcome schools, studios and film producers to apply for joint cooperation.

We recommend the CinProCaS® application / software to producers, cinematographers, directors, screenwriters, production managers, film editors, editors and all members of the crew!

The CinProCaS® Application contains 640 camera types (Camera type), 171 image format recording formats (Aspect and Format), 840 recording technologies and media (Film Stock), 650 Recording formats (Rec.Form.), and 1600 lens types (Lens) from 40 manufacturers.

Download it for free and try the demo version:

Get to know CinProCaS®

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Through Settings you will learn the exact structure of the Application and the detailed settings of some of its functions,the characteristics of the projects, such as Lighting plan and Photo functions.


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You can access the Google Play and Apple Store versions through the Downolads page.


You can find videos in English under the Tutorial Videos menu item, and Hungarian ones under the tutorial videos menu item.

Why use CinProCaS

The Cinematography Production Card System® is an application that speeds up the cinematography work between the director of photography and the film creative team (director, actor, lighting, cameraman, producer, production manager, etc.) and provides clear information.


CinProCaS Inc. deals with the creation and rental of film design applications and software. Check out our other film design app, called FilmProCaS, which is available now.

If you are interested, click here to access the page: FilmProCaS

After reading this review, all you need is your imagination to make a detailed draft of your own film! Get to know the application of the unlimited possibilities for your film!


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