Desktop subscription

Desktop Version information!

Desktop version 1.2.0 is only available if you have purchased either the iOS or Android version!

Please check the visibility of your email address in your email address settings! In order to be able to download the Desktop version, it is necessary to enable the visibility of your email address and the validity of your subscription! If the page redirects you to the Information page, it is because one or both of the two pieces of data are missing and you cannot download the Desktop version.

In all cases, your email address is the login option! By pressing the CLOUD button via your email address, the data is synchronized in both directions!
So please don’t forget to sync in the Cloud after you start work and finish it!
If you do not do this, your work will remain stored on the machine / phone until you download or synchronize the last version! If you forget to sync and continue working on another device, your work may be lost!
CinProCaS Inc is not responsible for any work lost due to lack of synchronization!

How the Desktop version works!

As you can see the Desktop version works on the same principle as the mobile version. The same windows and functions are available.

After downloading and launching, sync to the cloud after logging in with your email address. Once synced, your started Movie Projects will appear!
You can open the windows on the left side of the screenand the windows on the right on the right side of the screen, so you can edit your Project using the full screen.
The two finger function can be accessed by holding down the LEFT SHIFT key and moving the left mouse together, with the LEFT CONTROL key you can rotate the icon!

When you’re done, don’t forget to sync with the cloud!