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The following is a description of frequently asked questions and helpdesk entries.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. Display Copyright

The application, the name of the application and the page design is copyright protected. But, the content entered on the pages and in the application belongs to and protects the owner of the email address displayed at the bottom of the page. That’s why it’s important to subscribe to the app with a real email address! This is because the content can only belong to the verified owner of the email address displayed at the bottom of the page in the event of a dispute.

If you cannot prove that you are the owner of the email address displayed and printed at the bottom of each page, CinProCaS Inc will not be liable for the content to you. You cannot retrieve your encrypted content from the database and, for your protection, cannot prove to the court that the content was created by you. In this case, CinProCaS Inc can’t protect you! It is in your best interest that your content is protected in all cases! For more information, please read our INFORMATION page.

Frequently Asked Questions 2. The copyright obligation for using the CinProCaS application

If you have read the Privacy Policy (INFORMATION page) then you have read that in order to subscribe to the CinProCaS® application, you must show in the Credit list at the end of the film that your film was written in the CinProCaS® application. In case your film budget is over $ 1 million, you are also required to display the CinProCaS® logo. However, in this case, you are required to inform us by email the following: the title of your film, the name (s) of producer(s) the name of the distributor the date the name of director and the main characters. You have nothing else to do but the reporting obligation. The logo can be downloaded here:





The notification email address is
cinprocas @ cinprocas . com

Frequently Asked Questions 3.

IMPORTANT! Use cloud sync when you use the app with other devices! Or if you want to do a backup! For data synchronization the application has to be started. It can be in background too. Do not close the app until the synchronization ended!

Frequently Asked Questions 4.

IMPORTANT! Currently the project import is not working with Google Drive on iOS.