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The international professional language of Film and TV series: CinProCaS®

The Cinematography Production Card System® is an application that speeds up the cinematography work between the director of photography and the film creative team (director, actor, lighting, cameraman, producer, production manager, etc.) and provides clear information.

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The director of photography’s job is to create the film visually and the application provides a simple and easy-to-use, fast interface always at hand.

By filling out the Script pages, all data is entered into the application and thus creates a clear system that is immediately understandable and followable for everyone.

Download it for free and try the demo version:

Subscribe: $15/month or $150/year! Get two months FREE!

CinProCaS® can split a PDF script of up to 140 pages into scenes in 1 second. Example: The script for DIE HARD was originally 118 pages. Imported into the CinProCaS® application, it created 431 pages in 1 second. This is what SCRIPT No. 431 is for. SCREENPLAY PAGE No. 118. This is the page number of the original script. SCENE No. 402. That’s how many scenes there are in the film’s script.

If a scene in the film is 4 pages long, then your SCRIPT page number in the app will also be 4 pages long. If there are 7 scenes on one page, there will be 7 SCRIPT pages in the app.

If a scene consists of 1 script page, but 12-15 camera positions, then you can insert an additional 3-4 pages of the CINEMATOGRAPHY CARD in the right place and it will be displayed in your PDF export where you inserted it. There is no limit to how many extra pages can be assigned to a scene.

After importing the script, you have the option to mark with colors on the SCRIPT pages which scene you want to process graphically. Which dialogue will be recorded by which camera and from where. If you take photos on tech scout, you can import them into your film project for the appropriate scene and provide the photos with drawings and markings.

You can export everything separately in PDF. Such as only one Script page, only one scene, or only the Lighting plan. This way, everyone can see what you want to achieve visually before shooting the film. Everything that is technically necessary for the production of the film and it is easier for the production manager to coordinate all kinds of rentals.

The big advantage of CinProCaS® is that everyone sees everything at once. The camera team provides the technical data, the lighting team provides the lighting plan. The director and producer give the vision of the cinematographer, the production manager the list of technical devices, and the actor what the image setup will be.

During the development of a scene, if you do not want to process the entire film, you can immediately prepare your lighting plan with it, which can be sent in a separate PDF to the gaffer or the entire Grip team by email even the night before the shoot. This speeds up the work significantly.

If you have a location plan, you can drag it into the Lighting Plan designer as a photo and place lamps, lights, light directions, cameras, movement directions, and objects on the image. This clarifies communication with the crew even without words. After all, everyone can see what the location will be and where it will go, what camera and lens you want to use, what filter, lights, dolly, etc.

If you assign the calendar day to the Script pages, you also have the option of sorting by date, thus pre-planning the daily shoots is just a few steps away.

If you process your entire film, you will use it to create your own cinematography book, which not only represents a unique value, but can also be an excellent educational material.

The CinProCaS® Application includes 640 camera types (Camera type), 171 image formats, recording formats (Aspect, Format), 840 recording technologies, media (Film Stock), 650 Recording formats (Rec.Form.), 1600 lens types (Lens) from 40 manufacturers contains, which is constantly updated. You created the CinProCaS® Application with nearly 40 years of professional experience.

CinProCaS® is easy to use, fast, cheap, saves a lot of time, helps you create, brings a system to your preparation and is always at hand! You can work on the same project on the bus, plane or in your bathtub.

Download it for free and try the demo version:

Subscribe: $15/month or $150/year! Get two months FREE!

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